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NYSCRA Voluntary Certification Committee Chair Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-CRI-RCR

The Realtime Certified Reporter Exam Gets a New Overhaul Spring 2021
The Voluntary Certification Committee is rolling out a new program to optimize testing frequency via appointments set up by prospective test-takers.  The testing overhaul aims to provide ongoing opportunities for NYSCRA members to attain credentials. 

Having ample chances to test is said to increase one’s ability to pass.  And that is what makes CertifyNow a lot more practical and a lot less stressful.  Read more about the advantages of our new RCR appointment-based testing here. 

Adding value to NYSCRA’s credentials, the New York State Office of Court Administration now accepts both the Association Certified Reporter exam and newly designed Realtime Certified Reporter exam as qualifying certificates for provisional appointment in lieu of assessment exam.  Similarly, the United States District Court granted recognition of the new Realtime Certified Reporter exam as being eligible for salary increases.  

The exams will take another month or so to fully develop.  Watch for registration notice from NYSCRA emails and announcements on NYSCRA Facebook page.  Our team of proctors will be ready when you are.  

Read more in our CertifyNow FAQs here.

Relaxation recordings for test-taking anxiety, created by Jeffrey Migdow, M.D., for the New York State Court Reporters Association, are available for purchase through NYSCRA website.  Contact [email protected] for more information or visit https://www.nyscra.org/the-mall.