Louis Goldstein Award

The “Distinguished Service Award” of the New York State Court Reporters Association
Yesterday’s veteran court reporters have a warm remembrance of Louis Goldstein. They recall vividly that he was a man of bursting energy who totally immersed himself in the professional activities of shorthand reporting on the local, state, and national level. For 17 years he served as secretary of the New York State Shorthand Reporters Association and is still the only person designated as its Honorary Secretary. In 1937 he was elected president of our association.
In 1936-37, he was president of the National Shorthand Reporters Association, following which he served as secretary of that organization from 1939 to 1946.
During 1934, when our membership was 145, Louis Goldstein became the first editor of the newborn NYSSRA journal,The Transcript, publishing its premier issue as a mimeographed pamphlet. In 1939 it became a printed publication, just as he became the editor of the NSRA’S official publication,The National Shorthand ReporterThe Transcript,then discontinued, was revived in 1948. 
Louis Goldstein chaired innumerable committees of his beloved state association and was constantly engaged in programs and projects which furthered the interests of the profession. Mr. Goldstein was in charge of the 75thJubilee Convention of the NYSCRA – the year before he passed away, and was appointed to the New York State Board of C.S.R. Examiners shortly before his death, on September 16, 1951, at the age of 56.

The Louis Goldstein Memorial Library and the Louis Goldstein Memorial Fund, under the trusteeship of three active members, were created within a year of the death of Louis Goldstein –. The trustees resolved to establish the Louis Goldstein Memorial Fund in recognition of distinguished service to the profession of shorthand reporting.