We draw your attention to the newly implemented Electronic Notarial Acts of the Notary Public License Law (January 2023). 
This link takes you to an excerpt from the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing, Sections 182.2 to 182.9:  notary-public-license-law_01.2023.pdf (ny.gov) 


PREPARENow Session Recordings Now Available for Purchase!
PREPARENow is a reporting-refinement program.  It is designed to help sharpen writing, knowledge, and realtime skills generally and to prepare for court exams, the RPR, and realtime certification tests.   
The program was delivered live, via Zoom from April 24 through July 9, 2022, monthly on Sunday evenings. Registrants of the program received links to the recording of these session. These session recordings are now available for purchase by anyone at a reduced rate and discounts available to NYSCRA members. Details can be found here: NYSCRA PREPARENow

NYSCRA’s STUDENTSNow consists of monthly “Meet the Pros” sessions, where students can ask questions of a panel of reporting professionals.  Each month there will also be a theme topic.  Sessions are available only to student members of NYSCRA.   Not a member?  Join here.  Membership is open to all reporting students in the USA.  It’s free.  And all STUDENTSNow sessions are also free.  There is nothing to lose by not attending – but knowledge.  Hosted by Dominick M. Tursi, President, NYSCRA and Reid Goldsmith, CRI, President-Elect, NYSCRA
Registration details and session dates and information can be found here: STUDENTSNow
Questions? [email protected]


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 2023 Horizon Scholarship

Please Click Here for updated information on the 2023 Horizon Scholarship!

NYSCRA President's Message

Greetings. I am Reid M. Goldsmith, CRI, and a retired Senior Court Reporter from the New York State Queens Supreme Court, after 39-plus years of service.
I began my reporting career upon graduation from Dominick Tursi’s Verbatim School of Court Reporting. After graduation, I worked as a freelance court reporter. Upon passing the state test, I became an official hearing reporter for the Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance, Tower 2, World Trade Center, 52nd Floor. I then passed another  test, and I became an official reporter in Queens Family Court. Several years after that, I passed the Senior Court Reporter exam and was then hired as an official in Queens Supreme in 1983.

I joined the Association of Surrogate and Supreme Court Reporters’ (“ASSCR”) union and shortly thereafter was elected by my officemates to be on the executive committee to represent our courthouse. I also served as an appointed member of the technology  committee for the ASSCR.  I have also been employed for 20-plus years as a Certified Court Reporting Instructor working at several prestigious schools.

I am a proud member of NCRA and NYSCRA, where I am honored to have been elected as President. I would like to thank the past board members  and the immediate past president, Dom Tursi, for their dedication and hard work. It was only when I served this past year as President-elect that I thoroughly understood the selflessness and many hours that are put into this Association - so many dedicated members  give so much of themselves for the benefit of others.

As the new president of NYSCRA,  I look forward to working closely with the president-elect Margaret Carney, and the rest of the board in keeping NYSCRA as the premier State Association in the country. We continue to be at the forefront of this field by remaining a strong and vibrant force in the industry.

Over the past few years, we have addressed concerns and miscon- ceptions about what our priorities are. I want to assure you all that we will continue on the path that our past few presidents and boards have put into motion to support the students, captioners, freelance reporters, CART reporters, new reporters, official reporters, and veteran reporters. Over the past years, we have become more visible and indispensable to all different areas in this field. Our events continue to garner accolades from many different seasoned reporters.

We will continue to run informative and educational programs, as well as seminars, which carry CEU credits to help reporters retain hard-earned certifications. We look forward to seeing you during CRCW 2023. There will be many different programs for students and seasoned reporters, such as a CART yoga retreat and business development workshops, among a myriad of other events.

You do not have to be on the board to become active and share your wealth of knowledge. Pay it forward! Help others. Volunteer for committees. Help us to help you!!! In closing, I invite you to renew, participate, partake, and join us in continuing to keep us strong. Looking forward to your continued involvement!
Reid M. Goldsmith, President

 Watch the recorded version of the NYSCRA Town Hall:  Unifying the Stenographers of New York State

Recorded Sunday, May 16, 2021

To view the recorded video of the NYSCRA Town Hall held on Sunday, May 16, 2021 please click on the link below and use the access code provided. 

Access Code:  e&?08!Y?


Click the image above to download the  brochure promoting awareness of our association and of stenographic reporting.  
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The NYSCRA offers two voluntary certifications: 

New York Realtime Certified Reporter (NYRCR)
New York Association Certified Reporter (NYACR).

Members of our association who earn these credentials demonstrate a commitment to continual competence and improvement in
the art of shorthand reporting.

Please click on the links below to see a list of these current certified members.

New York Realtime Court Reporter (NYRCR)          New York Association Certified Reporter (NYACR)


 NYSCRA is asking you to sponsor a court reporting student!

The Horizon Scholarship Fund is organized for the purpose of sponsoring educational and scientific projects pertaining to the art of manual or mechanical verbatim reporting by the use of shorthand symbols, with particular emphasis on training and education and study in the advancement of the art of shorthand reporting.

The Horizon Scholarship Fund has been contributing $500.00 scholarships to worthy court reporting students since 1991.

Can we count on your help to fill the desperate need for court reporters? 

Your contribution of $250.00 will cover half a scholarship.

Please Click Here to download the Student Scholarship donation form 


Having trouble? Please call or email NYSCRA Headquarters

[email protected]


NYSCRA is pleased to announce that the New York State Unified Court System will now recognize our voluntary certifications, the RCR and ACR, for provisional employment.  Our ACR and RCR members are immediately eligible to earn above-average salaries and receive both medical and vacation benefits. 

Voluntary Certification Committee Chair, Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-RCR, worked closely with OCA to encourage them to recognize NYSCRA’s certifications.  This means that members who hold the RCR or ACR certifications are not required to take an assessment test for an available position.  

We anticipate many reporters registering for our association’s voluntary exams. “Having that ACR or RCR is now like an insurance policy. You never know when the need for an employment change may present itself, and the NYS court system offers a really excellent package,” said Debra A. Levinson. 

 NYSCRA President's Message

Welcome to the digital doorstep of the oldest shorthand society in America.  Because of this professional legacy, we feel a special responsibility to ensure that stenographic reporting remains the Gold Standard of capturing the spoken word. 

Under our contemporary banner of NYSCRANow, we provide performance and knowledge tools as well as tangible employment advantages.

Please click HERE to read the Full President's Message