Donations in memory of Frank and Mary Lou Riso have been made by the following generous donors:

Marie S. Biggs

Larry and Carrie Brooks

Monika Buffamonti

Sandra Czora

Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y.


Stephanie Riso Goodwald and Richard Goodwald

Heinz Family Office

Angela T. Jost

Indira K. Kartha Family

Patrick Kelley

Julie Knighton

Mary P. Lawson

Jill E. Manias

Suzanne M. Martin

Renee Matthews

Evelyn G. McDonald

Maureen Mills

James Palermo

Patrick Paventa

Pittsburgh Classical Theatre Board and Staff

Frank Riso

George W. Stepus

Jennifer Trehar

Mary Jo Trusso

Maureen A. Wiedeman

Lynn Riso Wright

Mark Zbytniewski