The Mentoring Program is a way for reporting students nearing graduation to spend quality professional time with a working reporter. Frequency, length of day, and duration depend upon the student’s available time and the reporter’s schedule. It also has much to do with elements such as what the reporting student wishes to accomplish and how much time the seasoned professional can devote.



Working reporters who volunteer to be part of NYSCRA’s Mentoring Program have expressed the desire to help qualified students enter the world of reporting by exposing them to practical experiences and guiding them with acquired knowledge. Mentors may be court reporters in the freelance, official, CART or caption arms of the profession, some of whom have busy schedules.Click here to request a Mentor



The process varies with the type of work done by the reporter and the environment in which the student is being mentored on a given day.
Some students sit in with a mentor and actually get to see a real-world reporting environment. In fact, students often stenographically write the proceedings alongside the official. Depending on circumstances, the mentor will attempt to describe what is happening, why, and how things are handled. Sometimes the day is quite busy and you will be able only to observe for a period of time, save your questions and ask them later. The most productive time to interact on such busy days is often during a recess.



There are times when you may not actually meet your mentor. Depending on the level of mentoring you need, mentoring may take place by telephone or email. That could mean short phone calls or direct, to-the-point emails to answer your questions or concerns.
Here at the NYSCRA Mentoring Program, we expect you and your mentor to communicate promptly. There could be times when that is not feasible so please be patient if you don't receive a response from your mentor the same day or even a day later.



NYSCRA tries our best to find good matches for our mentors and mentees; however, if you do not find one that meets your needs, please contact us. We will try to pair you with someone who will.