Frequently Asked Questions - NYS Requirements

To freelance in New York State, all you need is to have finished a court reporting program, with a certificate of completion at 225 wpm.
For officialships, you must take and pass a Civil Service exam.

Currently, no license is required for court reporting in New York State; although, there is voluntary licensing in the CSR. You must be a notary public to swear witnesses in, but some freelance firms allow a reporter to acquire that within a certain period of time after being hired.

The national standard, according to the NCRA’s Code of Professional Ethics, when a state rule does not exist, states the following:

Preserve the shorthand notes in accordance with statute or court order, or otherwise for a period of no less than five (5) years through storage of the original paper notes or an electronic copy of either the shorthand notes or the English transcript of the notes on computer disks or optical or laser disk systems.

The rules for officials are the following. You must apply for destruction approval beforehand.

Family Court - Retain for five (5) years.
Surrogate’s Court - Retain for five (5) years.
City, Town and Village Courts - civil - Retain for two (2) years.
City, Town and Village Courts - criminal - Retain for ten (10 years.)
(New York City only - retain vehicle/traffic/parking cases two(2) years.)
Supreme/County - civil - Retain for five (5) years.
Supreme/County - criminal - Retain for fifty (50) years.
Matrimonial stipulations of settlement involving real estate - Retain for fifty (50) years.